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Australian Tapestry Workshop Fund 2023


Your fully tax-deductible donation to the Transforming Tapestry Annual Appeal will ensure our weavers can achieve the highest level of mastery and our artistic and community enrichment programs may continue.

Right now, you can make a difference.
With your help, we will survive and thrive! 

Become a monthly donor
Spread your support out over the year by becoming a monthly donor. By donating monthly via direct debit, you will be providing the ATW with regular income that will help us plan more efficiently for the years to come.

For donations of $10,000 and over
If you can make a donation of $10,000 or more, thank you! We can receive it by cheque or direct deposit. Please contact the ATW on either +61 3 9699 7885 or to make arrangements. 

Donations to the Australian Tapestry Workshop Fund of $2 and over are tax-deductible.

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Donations $200+ are acknowledged in the edition of ‘WOVEN’ published during the 12 months following the donation. Donations that accumulate to $10,000 and over are acknowledged in perpetuity on the ATW donor board as well as in the ATW’s annual magazine ‘WOVEN’.
Please include your postal address so that we may send you a copy of our annual magazine WOVEN.